My return to desktop applications

A long time ago before rise of dominant internet companies, I was mainly using desktop applications. These "apps" were all local and did not require the internet to use. As the web grew in influence, slowly my usage of these apps faded. Instead of using a local email client, I used Gmail. Instead of a local bookmark manager, I used Pinboard. My personal computer slowly became a destination for the web with the browser being my vehicle.

As big tech companies get more criticized for mining people's personal data and flooding people's eyeballs with ads, I have grown wary of every app I used living on the web. Websites get hacked and people's data get stolen all the time. Also, do I really control and own the data I generate on these sites.

This year, I've convinced myself to start using desktop apps more. Of course, this is first step of a long road ahead of me. I've started with one of my two examples earlier. I've moved all my bookmarks and stored them locally. Using PHPDesktop (similar to Electron but with PHP instead), I've built my own bookmark manager which I can run locally. The data is all stored in a sqlite database which I can backup. I still use my browser to access it like a website, but it's all the data and code is all stored locally. This gives me as close as possible to the feel regular website but with the strengths of a desktop application.

Electron and PHPDesktop might be considered the future of desktop development as they allow rapid development of desktop like software. These "hybrid" apps aren't true desktop applications in the traditional sense but true desktop apps might have peaked in their popularity in the early 2000's.

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