I've stop using dark mode

When dark mode first appeared in some apps and websites, like most shiny new toys; I had to have it. When apps and OSes started enabling it, I thought they looked cool. It felt like a paradigm shifted. It helped saved my eyes from fragile! It enabled me to stare at the screen longer than before! My computer looked different whenever I sharing my screen with non-techie coworkers. The more I used dark mode, the more I wanted everything (website, apps, etc) to be in dark mode.

A few years have pasted since I started using it and its become second nature. Without a second thought, I just change any website or app to dark mode whenever I encounter them. It wasn't about reducing eye strain and improve battery life. It wasn't about makes it easier to stay focused on my work. It was just a habit.

So if dark mode is so great, why isn't everybody using it? Why isn't everybody using dark mode? I've talked to some friends and coworkers and noticed mostly the techie ones have dark mode enabled. The rest of them are happy to keep light mode. Some didn't know such a thing existed; others knew but didn't care. What I noticed was the ones had dark mode were also attached to their devices a lot more. Was I in the same category?

Since talking to them, I've stopped using dark mode. I realized dark mode was enabling me to become more attached to my devices. It enabled me to stare at my screen longer without breaks. Yes, returning to light mode strained my eyes at first. But like non-techies, that meant getting up and away from the screen. Instead of staring at the screen for 8 hours a day, I get up now and then to go for a walk, talk to a coworker, get some coffee, etc. Our eyes aren't meant to stare at a screen all day and light mode reminds me of it.

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