Elon Musk is our generation's Donald Trump

As a kid, I always wondered if Donald Trump was a billionaire, why did he constantly stay in the limelight. I don't recall other billionaires needing to advertising they're Richie Rich. Why did the man need to force his way into a cameo on Home Alone 2? Why did he start so many "businesses" like Trump Water, Trump Steak, Trump University, etc? I always thought if I had a billion dollars, I wouldn't need to tell everybody I had a billion dollars; people would just know. I always thought of him as the white trash billionaire back then. I was of course swimming against the tide as most people thought Donald Trump was a business genius. A lot of people still do to this day.

Now that I'm older and can look back, I realized I missed a lot of tell tale signs. He had to keep the spotlight on him because that was the only way he can stay relevant. Without the spotlight, he should have faded into oblivion with as he had no real business chops. He earned money from his "brand," not from his businesses. Also, the spotlight stroked his ego a certain way that no person or thing can.

So who is our generation's version of Donald Trump? Of course, times have changed so not everything is one to one. Nowadays, you don't need to insert yourself into mainstream media, you just need to tweet and people will talk about your tweet in the mainstream media. Real estate isn't the name of the game anymore, its technology. The other parts like ego stroking, being worshipped as a business genius and using your brand to propel whatever you're selling is still very relevant.

After a decade of Elon Musk, I believe he is our generation's Donald Trump. He has all the tell signs if you look carefully. Just like Trump back then, Elon Musk is view as a business genius. Musk also loves his ego getting stroked just like Trump. Musk constantly needs to stay in the spotlight and uses his "brand" to propel his businesses. He's got a ton of ex-wives and many kids from different baby mama's just like Trump. He's even inserted himself into media like a cameo in the Big Bang Theory and Saturday Night Live. Finally, just like Trump, Musk will bash anybody who doesn't agree with him (Recall hero who saved a bunch of Thai kids being called a pedophile because he didn't used Musk's submarine device).

This is my personal opinion so you can take it for a grain of salt. But I do think future historians will question why so many people were in the cult of Elon during this era.

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