Case for self-hosted google search

I have been using Google search for as long as I can remember. In the early days when it was the supplementary to Yahoo, it was almost magical. You can search for anything and everything and it will return the most relevant web sites for that topic. Page Rank when it first came out was a game changer.

As Google became more dominant, search became more about getting people to click the promoted ads than funneling users to the site they're looking for. Sometimes, ads will fill up the screen of the browser.

I yearn for the days of the past when Google served their customers. On the internet, some suggest using DuckDuckGo with !g to serve only Google results. Others suggest using StartPage, which only serves Google results.

I like to take a different approach. Why not self-host your own Google search and take control once and for all. By self-hosting locally, you can block unwanted site (,, etc), unwanted ads, and busy layouts. You can customize the layout to your liking.

You can find this self-hosted google search at . Everything is setup to run locally on a Windows machine. No containers, docker, additional configurations are needed. Simply follow the instructions to grab API keys from Google (free!) and you can be up and running in a five minutes.

Enjoy the freedom to search again!

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